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Avid Carp HQ Twin Skin bivvy

When I was younger I didn’t mind being tucked under a low-profile shelter but now I’m approaching middle age (my kids say I’m in it lol) I like having space around me. This is the main reason I was drawn to the HQ bivvy when I joined Avid, as I know a lot of lads who rate it as one of the best when it comes to comfort.

Avid Carp Benchmark X Memory Foam System

Whenever I join a new company, the first thing I do is start analysing the products, working out which are my favourites. Well it didn’t take me long to discover that the Benchmark X Memory Foam System is well and truly at the top of my Avid list!

Nash Tackle Slap Head Strong Arm Indicators

I’ve been waiting ages for Nash Tackle to make an indicator that can be used for general carp fishing. The Optics are great for a lot of situations, but because they are bobbins which hang freely on chains or cords, in really windy conditions you’ll get false bleeps, even when combined with the Siren R3. The best way to eliminate them is to use a swing arm indicator and this is where the Slap Head Strong Arms come in. I was absolutely chuffed to see these hit the market last year because it’s quite annoying having to change indicators with the weather. I’d rather use a model suited to all scenarios and after 18 months of use the Slap Head Strong Arms have filled that niche.

Nash Siren R3 alarms

I really liked the original Nash Siren alarms. I can’t say I ever had any major problems with them. However, if there was any area for improvement it was in the remote box which you couldn’t use beyond about 20m without risking some interference, especially if there were trees or bushes in the way. You had the odd missed bleep right at the beginning of a take which when fishing locked up could put you on the back foot. The use of battery power in the remote was also a bit hungry when you pushed it to its boundaries.