Nash Tackle

NR Turo rods

I’ve used a lot of 13ft Nash rods down the years. I’ve had the Pursuits, the Entity and the NRXD, all of which served a specific purpose. Now I have the latest model in the range known as the NR Turo.

I’ve been using the NR Turo on and off for a year now and although I much prefer my Scope rods, when it comes to needing some extra power, these are the ones I turn to. They are a very tip action rod and as soon as you hold one, you can feel the power, even without casting a lead. Just bending one in the shop will reveal its mid-section, whilst flexing will show its fast memory. I knew straight away that once I got onto the bank with them I’d be hitting those long range spots with ease.

Available in 12ft or 13ft, 3.25lb TC or 3.5lb TC, as well as a 4.5lb spod/marker version, they aren’t much different in performance to the NRXDs which I used for several years before. A 3oz lead feels like nothing on these rods, and a 4oz only just pushes one through its test curve. I’ve even whacked out 5oz leads when really leaning into them and they were fine. I’d be fairly confident of them handling heavier leads too, and in the right hands I reckon they could reach some seriously long distances.

Built from armoured Toray 1k weave with 40T carbon they are a super-strong carp rod. With lightweight SS Minima rings including a 50mm butt and anti-frap Fuji tip ring, they are designed for reaching those long range distances I talk about. Cosmetically they look the nuts too. All of the rings have matt black whippings, there is a carbon line clip and backstop, with a very high-tech looking Alps matt black reel seat with abbreviated handle.

Despite being designed for long range fishing, they are very good for all other ranges too. I’ve caught carp with them from under the rod tips as well as out on the horizon. I’ve used them at lots of different venues too, including gravel pits, weedy estate lakes, farm ponds, and ocean sized reservoirs, performing casts up to 160-plus yards.

The NR Turo is the flagship in Nash rods so it doesn’t come cheap. However it very much lives up to its label. I use the 13ft 3.5lb version and this rod is seriously good. I can’t find any faults with it and I’d honestly rank it right up there as one of the best casting tools on the market.