Nash Tackle Slap Head Strong Arm Indicators

I’ve been waiting ages for Nash Tackle to make an indicator that can be used for general carp fishing. The Optics are great for a lot of situations, but because they are bobbins which hang freely on chains or cords, in really windy conditions you’ll get false bleeps, even when combined with the Siren R3. The best way to eliminate them is to use a swing arm indicator and this is where the Slap Head Strong Arms come in. I was absolutely chuffed to see these hit the market last year because it’s quite annoying having to change indicators with the weather. I’d rather use a model suited to all scenarios and after 18 months of use the Slap Head Strong Arms have filled that niche.

Made from PTFE the heads come in four different sizes, 6g, 10g, 20g and 40g, and are available in white or black. I favour the black ones and generally use the 20g for my UK fishing and the 40g for my overseas stuff. Within each head is an enclosed ball bearing, magnet and spring mechanism which clips the line into position and disengages as soon as you pick the rod up. Extra weight can be added to each head to suit conditions via separate Drag Weights which are available as two 5g anodised black stainless weights per pack.

The heads are screwed on to the Strong Arms, and the arms are available in three different styles, an 8cm length, a 14cm length, and a 14cm length with a sliding additional weight. The sliding weight version is the one I favour as it’s versatile and the weight can be easily adjusted without having to unscrew and fix add-ons.

To finish the indicator, you have to fix it to the alarm via an anchor bracket which is easily screwed into place. You can also screw them directly into the Siren R3 which saves you buying the anchor bracket, but the choice is yours. Although three separate items may need to be purchased to use these indicators, take it from me they are not difficult to put together.

I now use Slap Head Strong Arms for all types of carp fishing and no longer have to keep changing my setup depending on where I’m fishing. They are such a versatile piece of kit; they can be used at all ranges and on all different types of water. I’ve had mine out on rivers, canals, small puddles as well as ocean sized reservoirs, and I like them so much, I have a feeling they will remain my first choice indicator for a long while to come.