Nash Tackle

Titan Hide

The recently updated Titan bivvies have probably been the fastest selling carp shelters of all time and having used one myself for the last 18 months I have appreciated the benefits of the flat back, easy set up and strength of the iconic Titan centre boss.

Kevin on the other hand, like a lot of people, has always been a brolly user, an overnight angler who wanted the lightest shelter with maximum visibility. His view was that the Titan was a choice for sessions, but for the ‘proper anglers’ as he puts it, the choice still came down to the best brolly.

The Titan Hide is finally the shelter that ends the 30 year domination of the brolly for short sessions and overnighters. It’s so versatile that it might also see the end of so many carpers having two choices of shelter.

The Hide is very distinctive, with a curved and lowered front rib configuration to keep driving rain out, whilst still maintaining a panoramic view of a swim from a bedchair. The shape keeps water running off and away from the door, but the unexpected plus of the radical curved front rib design is that the Hide is that similar to a racing car at high speed, as air passes over the unique shape of the Hide it actually creates downforce. The higher the wind and the worse the weather, the more the Hide is pinned to the ground. Put simply, unless you are facing a gale force wind direct into the front door you won’t ever need to use storm poles again. Seven pegs firmly in the ground and it is absolutely rock solid, as well as being faster to set up and pack away with no storm pole support. At just 4.6kg the Hide is super light and for fans of the short packdown concept it also breaks down to just 44 inches (112cm), the same length as 9ft Scopes. It’s another important box ticked for aggressive, mobile anglers.

Like a lot of people, my first reaction was that it was a very compact shelter, and its footprint makes it no bigger than most brollies. Having fished in it, what is amazing is how much usable room it has inside. The flat back means a Sleep System can be pushed right to the back, and the clever cut and extension of the storm sides gives massive space for your kit, keeping it organised and dry, even with the open front design.

If you want greater protection there are options for a zip-in storm panel, mozzi panel, plus a heavy duty groundsheet, and also a full overwrap allowing the Hide to be whatever shelter you need it to be. But for my money this is one piece of kit that will become standard issue exactly as it comes out of the bag. Connect five poles, push seven pegs in and you’ve got what Kevin considers to be the strongest, lightest and most practical shelter ever produced. Is it the end of the traditional brolly for carp anglers? Having used it myself I’d say it’s looking almost inevitable!

The Titan Hide is available from all UK Nash retailers from Saturday, March 10th at an RRP of £249.99