After lots of enquiries and much deliberation I have decided to venture into the Carp Tutorials market. Due to a busy schedule I will only be doing a select few each year, either at the famous Emmotland Ponds complex in East Yorkshire or at Cove Lake in Nottinghamshire.

Emmotland Pond 2 with Phil Donkin

Cove Lake with Shane Gardner

Emmotland Pond 4 with Ian Brook

Emmotland Pond 2 with George Armstrong

Each 24-hour session can be tailored to suit the needs of the client, but generally will include all aspects of successful carp fishing, such as: understanding carp, watercraft, swim choice, tactical considerations, casting, feature finding, baiting, end tackle, bait, stalking, surface fishing, zig fishing, and bait boat carping (including the use of a new Lakestar boat with echo sounder). Although I am flexible with which day of the week a tutorial can be booked, sessions will run for 24 hours from the start.

Price for the 2019 year is £300 for 24 hours, which includes the day ticket fee, plus bait and rig bits for the session. Whilst I can’t guarantee clients will catch during a tutorial, I can guarantee they will learn plenty from my simple and effective carp angling approach. Anyone interested in booking a tutorial should provide some details below.