Mini Lakestar review

Mini Lakestar

This is a new product for 2012. The Lakestar boat needs no introduction, everyone with an interest in bait boats knows how good it is, and I think the fact that top anglers Steve Briggs, Lee Merritt and Iain Macmillian use one, tells you something.

Basically the Mini Lakestar is as the name suggests, a smaller version. Measuring 610mm x 380 x 120 and weighing only 10lb with the battery, it’s perfect for the anglers on the go who enjoy travelling light, such as fishing overnighters or where a long walk to swims is required. It is exactly the same style as its big brother, and each hopper will carry about ½kg of bait. It is also much quieter too, running on propellers which will run for 2 hours on the 12v battery.

The handset is the same design as the Lakestar, with the Patent Protected echo sounder built into it. I’ve used my boat on small waters as well as at long range on big open venues at 150m range. BSA say it will operate at extreme distances of 400m, so it’s also suitable for anglers fishing some of the large continental venues too, although the echo sounder will only work to 30ft.

The big attraction with this boat is its price. It’s currently going for a bargain £499 if you order through their website at This includes the boat, batteries, chargers, lights and handset with echo sounder.

Reliable, fast, durable, responsive, light, made in England, and cheap are some of the words which describe the Mini Lakestar. It is already becoming very popular and rightly so because in my opinion it’s absolutely brilliant!

Mini Lakestar handset
Mini Lakestar motors