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Welcome to my website page where you can keep up to date with my angling exploits as well as look back at some of my memorable catches. My main focus is carp, and over the years I’ve managed to catch them from more than 300 different waters, including 50-pounders from seven different countries (England, France, South Africa, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Germany).

For almost thirty years I’ve been a sponsored angler, working as a consultant for top brands like Avid Carp, and together with Rob Hughes I was the co-winner of the first ever global carp match, the World Carp 1996.

I spend most of my time fishing in Yorkshire where I currently live, but I love nothing more than travelling to new destinations and meeting like-minded anglers from different cultures.

I hope that my site and links can inspire you to follow your carp fishing dreams just like many others have done for me.

Simon Crow

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Simon Crow carp fishing


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The Lake in the Forest – CARP FISHING BLOG DECEMBER 2020

This month I visit one of the most stunning carp waters I’ve ever been to, a remote gravel pit of 40 acres located in the middle of a forest. Joining me on the five-day session is one of the finest big carp anglers of all-time, a man who’s caught more than one hundred carp weighing over 66lb (30kg), the legendary Frank Schmidt. Frank has a very unique style of fishing for big carp that works wherever he goes, and true to form he goes on to land the biggest common in the lake weighing 71lb in front of the camera! In an exclusive interview, we get inside the mind of Frank and talk about his big fish tactics. I chip in with a couple of nice carp myself to almost 50lb, and there’s loads of great footage from the trip. Also joining us are Frank’s son Nico and my great friend Nermin Caro.

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The Adventures of a Carp Angler

The Adventures of a Carp Angler is the long awaited book by legendary carper Simon Crow. Covering 40 chapters it details the trials and tribulations of his time chasing carp and working within the angling industry.

40 Chapters over 450 pages

500+ Full colour images

Leatherbound also available

The Adventures of a Carp Angler

Adventures of a Carp Angler


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