The Adventures of a Carp Angler

The Adventures of a Carp Angler is the long awaited book by legendary carper Simon Crow. Covering 40 chapters it details the trials and tribulations of his time chasing carp and working within the angling industry. It begins in the early stages of his career, describing his journey with long-time friend Rob Hughes up and down the day ticket waters of England to the unknown waters of the continent. He talks frankly of the hardships due to his angling addiction and how his love for the biggest carp in the north of England became an obsession. His quest to target the famous fish in waters like Tilery, Motorway Pond, Northern Stillwater, Woldview, Manton, Selby 3 Lakes and many others are covered, as are his captures of 50s from six different countries, including legendary carp like Black Eye, Arnie, and the finest in all Yorkshire, the Nostell Biggun’. This book is brimming with stories about carping on the circuit and adventure to the unknown, written by one of the world’s most experienced carpers in an easy to read style with not one product plug anywhere to be seen. Whether you are new or old to the world of carping, it will entertain and inspire you to get out there and seek the adventures now available to the modern day carp angler.

The Adventures of a Carp Angler

About the author

Simon Crow has been carp fishing for over 30 years and is widely regarded as one of the most versatile anglers around with impressive records wherever he has fished. He is the editor of Carp-Talk magazine and has worked as a professional angling consultant for most of his life. He has a Masters of Science degree in fisheries and has caught carp from more than 300 different waters around the world, including 50-pounders from six countries (England, France, Romania, South Africa, Austria & Hungary) and 60s from three (France, Austria & Hungary). Together with his long-time friend Rob Hughes, he was the winner of the first ever World Carp Cup in 1996. His current personal best carp is a 83lb common, whilst his UK PB is a 51lb common. In March 2014 he was inducted into the very prestigious Carp Fishing Hall of Fame. This is his fifth book about carp fishing, a hobby which he describes as his addiction.

Book spec
40 chapters, 500+ full colour images, 450 pages, story based, page size 243x199mm, limited print run

“As a journalist myself, I admire Crowy’s discipline in putting the last 20 years of his carping life into words, and for doing it so well. The end result is an inspirational read that made me wish I was out on the bank with him. Serious congratulations Crowy on a wonderful book.”

Nigel Botherway, Talk Sport

“This is a brilliant book. The first night I saw it was on a day when I had been really busy with work, but as soon as I opened it I just couldn’t put it down. It kept me up until 2.30am reading about what is a great legacy. It is stunning quality, the pictures are incredibly inspirational and it is a great no-nonsense read. Big respect Crowy!”

Rob Hughes, Fox International

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